M. Wells Celebrates Bivalve Birthday Bedlam on Thursday


John Bil is a Prince Edward Island oyster-shucking champion whose renown has spread through Canada and all the way down to the pages of The New Yorker. This Thursday, October 7, Bil’s prodigious talents will be on display in Long Island City, where M. Wells chef Hugue Dufour will be celebrating his birthday at the restaurant with Bivalve Bedlam. Beginning at 7 p.m., Bil will be shucking oysters and clams imported from Prince Edward Island while Dufour churns out boudin blanc, poutine, beans and chanterelles, cornbread, and a host of other Quebecois comestibles from his Peking duck smoker. Tickets are $80; reserve a place by calling 718-425-6917 or emailing


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