New York

Mr. Trump ‘Considers’ Going to Washington


Brace yourselves. New York real estate mogul/resident and shameless attention whore Donald Trump has announced (yet again) that he’s “absolutely thinking” about throwing his comb-over into the ring and running for office in 2012.

Trump made the rounds on Fox & Friends and Morning Joe this morning, blowing plenty of hot air (as usual) about a possible presidential bid that would place him on a ballot with such serious contenders as Robert Burck (a/k/a, New York’s famous “Naked Cowboy”) and beauty queen Sarah Palin.

Trump’s “announcement,” by the way, came just after CNN reported on a New Hampshire poll to feel out voters’ attitudes on a Trump campaign. Trump said he didn’t know about the poll and had told CNN that a White House bid was “certainly not something I’ve talked about or would consider.”

The thing is, even characters like Palin and Burck might be more qualified for office than the Apprentice host who never shuts up. Palin, of course, was governor of Alaska and rose to national prominence as John McCain’s VP pick in ’08. And Burck actually majored in political science at the University of Cincinnati and unsuccessfully joined New York’s mayoral race in 2009. (And he only dropped out after supposedly growing tired of city’s bureaucratic campaign process.)

Yes, even a man who struts around Times Square in little more than a Stetson and a pair of Calvin Kleins is easier to take seriously than The Donald, whose penchant for inserting himself into any story he can slither his opinion into has worn unbearably thin. Still, it might have been fun to watch Trump use his trademark catchphrase to dismiss cabinet members, and who wouldn’t want to watch a whole season of The Apprentice devoted to choosing a running mate? Although we’d suggest going old school and just picking Omarosa.

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