Really Old Movie Gossip


*Joan Crawford had a lifelong sexual crush on her arch rival Bette Davis and once tried to seduce Marilyn Monroe, which promptly ended their friendship.

*Bette Davis turned down Mildred Pierce, which turned out to be Crawford’s Oscar role, jump-starting her faded career.

*Clark Gable got George Cukor fired from directing Gone With the Wind because gay Cukor called Gable “dear.”

*It didn’t help that Cukor knew an interesting piece of gossip — Gable had let gay actor William Haines service him in exchange for his start in movies — which made their working relationship rather uncomfortable.

*Gable bought his father multiple homes thanks to the riches earned by his megastardom, but dad still told him actors are “sissies.”

These tidbits are all compiled in the book Crawford’s Men by Jane Ellen Wayne.

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