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Your MTA Overlords Will Charge $104 for Your Glamorous Monthly Subway Commute


The MTA has been wearing us down with hints and speculation that our monthly unlimited card might increase in cost by almost $20 come January, and today MTA Chairman Jay Walder told Brian Lehrer that the MTA would, indeed, be keeping MetroCards unlimited — instead of the proposed alternate, giving them a 90-trip cap and charging $99, which apparently the public “disliked” — and upping their cost to $104 from $89. (Also “disliked,” for the record.)

Other changes:

— Weekly MetroCards will stay unlimited but rise from $27 to $29.

— Single-fare tickets will now cost $2.50 (but if you’re using a pay-per-ride card, you’ll be charged $2.25 a swipe).

— The “bonus” when you put money on your Metrocard will decrease from 15 percent to 7 percent. And you’ll need to spend a minimum of $10 to get said “bonus.”

— Weekly express bus MetroCards will go up to $50, from $45.

Per WNYC, the MTA will make all this official via a vote this Thursday morning. Instead of bitching, you should probably just count your lucky stars that your commute isn’t going to cost you $130, as our heartless MTA rulers once intimated in masterful manipulative strategy.

Of course, we could all just walk. Right.

Prepare to be poorer.


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