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The congregation of Scrabble Creek looks modest enough at first—little old ladies praying for relief of minor aches and pains, restless kids squirming on their mother’s lap. But then there are the convulsions. And the tongues. And the ingested poisons and heaping tangles of venomous snakes. Suddenly, the humble West Virginia church has all the makings of an episode of Fear Factor. Director Peter Adair could easily have depicted the Pentecostal service as an oddity, but in his acclaimed 1967 documentary Holy Ghost People, he takes a notably objective approach, offering a glimpse of Appalachian life that many had never seen before. The film will be screened tonight alongside the exhibit Rick Cary: Credo, which looks at faith-based serpent handling still practiced in the region today.

Wed., Oct. 20, 7:30 p.m., 2010

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