I Witched It Up on Olbermann


Years ago, Republican Senate nominee Christine O’Donnell publicly admitted that she’d dabbled in witchraft and even went on a satanic picnic. (Haven’t we all?)

But now she’s covering all that up with a blanket “I am not a witch. I am you” commercial that’ll be casting a spell on the airwaves as soon as she’s through stirring her cauldron of snakes and smoke effects.

Watch me on last night’s Countdown With Keith Olbermann, where I dressed as a witch — well, they said “Come as you are” — and bristled at O’Donnell’s claims.

“Christine, are you saying you don’t have a broom up your ass?” I declared, memorably. “I know I do.”

By the way, some clown joined me in the segment to discuss Christine’s dad, who was a part-time Bozo.

Though if he’s father to her, I’d have to give him credit for being a full-time Bozo.

And check out this Mediaite piece about the segment, which calls it “one of the strangest six minutes of television ever committed to the small screen.” Woo-hoo! Mission accomplished.