Michelin’s Jean-Luc Naret Explains Why Del Posto Didn’t Get Its Star Back


In an interview with Grub Street earlier today, Jean-Luc Naret, the director of the Michelin Guide, explained why, despite Del Posto’s $500,000 attempt to his inspectors, he still didn’t give the restaurant its second star back:

We’re not looking at any drama. We’re not looking at the name on the door, or the investment made in the restaurant. We’re only looking at what’s on the plate. People who know about food understand [why it didn’t get the star], because after the restaurant received the four-star review there was a lot of tweets questioning that. Obviously we did find improvement in terms of the restaurant and the service, but we didn’t find improvement in the quality of cuisine.

So basically, Del Posto shelled out a ton of cash hoping to impress a hot date, only to get left at the doorstep with a raging case of blue balls. Not everyone, it seems, is as easy as Mr. Sifton.


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