Robert Sietsema at Tu Do; Sarah DiGregorio at Guayoyo


This week in the Voice, Robert Sietsema recommends skipping the pho in favor of other dishes at Chinatown Vietnamese Tu Do. Sarah DiGregorio suggests you go for the pork over the beef at Venezuelan Guayoyo.

Sam Sifton awards Marc Forgione two stars for food that is “sometimes sweet. Other times, it is salty, sour or spicy. Sometimes it is all four — and loudly so. The brashness is deeply and above all American: an augmentation of international cuisines in a land of plenty.”
[NY Times]

Jay Cheshes is lukewarm about Xiao Ye: “Despite [chef-owner Eddie] Huang’s shock-jock inclinations — he originally planned to call the place Crackhaus, and the opening menu featured big slabs of pork served in a dog bowl — his food turns out to be pretty tame.”

Adam Platt finds hits and misses as he navigates the restaurants of Eataly: “once you’ve acclimated yourself to this quirky environment, you’ll find all sorts of unexpected pleasures.”
[NY Magazine]

Gael Greene raves over FoodParc at the Eventi Hotel: “with just five stands … but given to remarkable fits of almost maniacal creativity. Indeed I have tasted pleasures on the menu so totally over the top thrilling I plot to return.”
[Insatiable Critic]



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