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Subway “Report Card” Reveals That Even the Best Line (the 7) Isn’t Worth $2.25 a Ride


The State of the Subways Fall 2010 “Report Card” (seriously, guys, can we get a new name for this? We’re having icky flashbacks) has been handed out by the Straphangers Campaign. And the rankings are intriguing! Did you know that subway riders want “short waits, trains that arrive regularly, a chance for a seat, a clean car, and understandable announcements that tell them what they need to know”? Us neither! But all kidding aside, some things were kind of intriguing.

The best subway line in the city, for the second year in a row, was the 7. This was not obvious to us because we never take the 7. Manhattan-to-Flushing or Flushing-to-Manhattan commuters, please comment. Do you think the 7 is the best subway line in the city? Does it have a bar car, and carnations on every subway seat? Please say yes.

Yet, despite the 7 train’s high acclaim and fine reputation, it only got a MetroCard ranking of $1.60. Considering that a single ride on the subway costs $2.25 (and is about to go up to $2.50), we’d say that falls short somewhat from our goals. Apparently, where the 7 can improve is in announcements. $0.65 in announcements. Hear that?

Moving along…

The C did the worst. It is most foul, apparently, and only worth $0.55 for your ride, which will be be punctuated by long waits, breakdowns, blaring yet indecipherable announcements, and the possibility of catching a fungus from a dirty seat — which is probably why the likelihood of getting a seat at rush hour was higher on this train. Score.

Subway service overall, however, is improving in terms of car breakdowns, cleanliness, and announcements — except on the 2, A, C, D, and G for breakdowns, the 2 and J/Z for cleanliness, and the 2, 6, 7, R, and V (What? There IS no V) for announcements. Okay, that doesn’t really make us feel better about our new $104 MetroCard, but anyway.

— For riding “clean” you should take the 7, L, and V (again with the V; it’s like you want to make us cry); and if you really want to break down, take the G. Except it’s probably not running.

Where’s the FML line again?

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