A First Look at Graffit’s Graffiti, by Chilean Artist Dasic Fernandez


Spanish chef Jesús Nuñez likes to mix traditional flavors with avant-garde techniques, turning typical tapas into edible Impressionist paintings. Graffit, his first stateside restaurant since leaving Madrid, is due to open on West 69th Street in early November. Check out our interviews with the chef.

Nuñez, once a graffiti artist himself, has teamed up with Chilean graffiti muralist Dasic Fernandez to turn the interior of the tapas bar into a reflection of the streets around it. Graffit will feature graffiti on the walls, in the garden, and in the bathrooms, too. For the first time in his career, Fernandez is spray-painting inside, rather than on the streets, mixing conventional restaurant decor like exposed brick and wallpaper with his signature, vibrant murals of flamenco women, bullfighters, a spray-painted replication of Dalí’s “Woman at the Window,” and an intimate portrait of Nuñez’s girlfriend’s face.

We got an early look at Fernandez’s works.

While it looks as if this mural came together after a month of rigorous spraying-painting, Fernandez created it in less than three days. He’s used to painting in a hurry — whether he’s dodging bad weather or avoiding the police.

“You can see it more slowly, discover the color, and then finally you understand the image,” Fernandez said of his Impressionistic style.


A photo of chef Nuñez’s girlfriend is the inspiration for this mural.

Fernandez believes that good graffiti addresses three key concepts: time, space, and action. “If you separate these concepts,” he said, “it’s not graffiti.”


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