Blake Lively Can Really Act


I never thought anyone from Gossip Girl would be considered one of our premiere thesps any more than I felt Justin Bieber should sing at the Met.

But I can finally admit that in Ben Affleck’s searing criminal drama The Town, Blake Lively happens to be amazing in her supporting role as a raggedy drug pusher/junkie/single mom who’s life is a big mess.

Blake’s performance is lived-in and real, managing to capture the character’s shattered nobility and down-on-her-luck sleaze.

She really seems like some broken-down wench you’d meet at a dive bar — and would sort of like!

WTF! She deserves an Oscar nomination!

Should I look at Gossip Girl again for more clues of this burgeoning talent?

Or maybe I should take a peek at Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants?

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