David Letterman Goes Nuts on Rachael Ray Over Beef With Food TV


In case you missed it Tuesday night, David Letterman took time out on his show to apologize to Rachael Ray. Apparently, he recently unleashed an aggressive rant during a taped segment with Ray, calling out food television as insensitive and inappropriate in this era of widespread hunger and poverty.

According to E! Online, he blurted during the interview:

A billion people are starving, 50 million people are starving in this country. They go to bed hungry, but before they doze off, let’s watch Cupcake Wars. Does that make any sense?

In his apology, he said he wasn’t upset with Ray herself:

No, I’m not mad at Rachael. I’m just nuts. There’s something wrong with me. So, if you see Rachael, tell her I’m sorry. She didn’t do anything wrong.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that David Letterman allowed himself an anti-food-television outburst on air. Earlier this year, he told Jamie Oliver that his Food Revolution would never succeed in changing how Americans eat.

The Rachael Ray segment is scheduled to air this Friday.


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