Lady Gaga Tops Pelosi and Sotomayor on Power List


Forbes magazine has named Lady Gaga the seventh most powerful women on the planet, topping House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Supreme Court justice Sonia Sotomayor.

This is an outrage! Gaga should have been higher!

Maybe even at number one, above their actual choice, Michelle Obama.

After all, Michelle married into her power, whereas Gaga earned it the hard way, through blood, sweat, and sequins.

And the singer has great outfits! The meat dress alone turned millions of people into vegetarians–now that’s power!

More importantly, she’s fearlessly outspoken and political and sends out great messages about appreciating outcasts and lifting up the oppressed.

She almost singlehandedly got DADT repealed, a feat those other ladies didn’t come close to achieving, though their accessories were almost as nice.

Also in the top 10 are:

*The CEO of Pepsi (probably because they also own Gatorade and Frito Lays)

*The head of Kraft (no doubt for resolutely refusing to change their biggest product to “cheese and macaroni”)

*And Ellen DeGeneres, who’s done a great anti-bullying campaign and is so anti-bullying, in fact, that she left her slot as a judge on American Idol!

Now let me get back to my broccoli.

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