Morning Links: Carl Paladino to Make “Major” TV Announcement; Lou Dobbs’s Illegal Immigrant Trouble; Verizon iPhone Update


• New York gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino has bought a block of TV time with the three network affiliates in Buffalo and is expected to make a “major” announcement today at 5:13 p.m. Don’t bet that he’s dropping out. But is he still angry?[NYDN]

• The stream of red, toxic sludge flowing through Hungary has now reached the Danube River. [CNN]

• According to The Nation, Lou Dobbs has relied on undocumented immigrant labor to keep up his estates and tend his daughter’s horses, despite having railed against illegal aliens and people who employ them for years, even going so far as to suggest that employers of illegal immigrants face felony charges. [Nation]

• Mayor Bloomberg wants to bar using food stamps for sugared drinks and sodas. [NYT]

• Apple is (supposedly) making an iPhone for Verizon that will be available in early 2011. Do we dare to dream it’s true? [WSJ]

• Bedbugs at the Waldorf? [NYP]

• It’s Christmas, according to Bergdorf Goodman. [Racked]

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