Sam Hazen Is Taking Over Veritas; Seamus Mullen Will Pop Up at ‘The Feast’


Michael Romano of Union Square Café recently showed off his poetry slamming skills in several haikus he penned for the restaurant’s newsletter.

Sam Hazen, formerly of Tao, will take over at Veritas, which recently closed and fired its staff. He plans to reopen the restaurant in November with a more casual menu.
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René Redzepi says that now that Americans come into Noma, he sometimes gets complaints about the food, like one guy who left unhappy because of the small portions.
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Seamus Mullen, who has finally been replaced at Boqueria, will cook at pop-up dinner event “The Feast” on October 21, the sequel to last year’s “The Hunger.”

Drew Nieporent reveals he’s pissed that Michael White steals all his chefs, and warns he might poach some of the kitchen staff right back.
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