The Spaghetti Taco Craze Explained; Colony Collapse Research Yields Results


Days after Our Man Sietsema pitted the McDonald’s Snack Wrap against the BK Breakfast Bowl, Francis Lam admits that the Southern Style Chicken at McDonald’s is actually pretty good.

In case you missed it, spaghetti tacos are all the rage among kids these days. Yep, that’s spaghetti tossed with red sauce, tucked into a taco shell.
[NY Times]

Scientists have made inroads into discovering what is causing colony collapse among the nation’s bee hives. A fungus combined with a virus is at the root of the problem.
[NY Times]

Mayor Bloomberg has called for the exclusion of sodas and other sugary drinks from eligibility for the food-stamp program.
[NY Times]

A new Zagat survey found that 32 percent of people tolerate “moderate” smart phone use in restaurants, but the vast majority find cell phone junkies rude.
[NY Post]

Zagat has also found that New Yorkers are eating out less than they were just six months ago, with the number of cheap food spots soaring.


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