Williamsburg’s Newest, Most Unlikely Source of Strife: Katy Perry


Anyone who has ever walked down Bedford Avenue in the middle of a weekday knows that everyone in Williamsburg has no job. Further proof? A newly ongoing loudness war on North 5th, between one neighbor who just can’t stop bumping Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream,” and another who just can’t drown it out, whether with earplugs or headphones or some other, presumably less glossy music, turned up as high as it will go. The punchline? This daily conflict is taking place at the untoward time of 11 a.m. We actually love Katy Perry but perhaps this is excessive:

Is that you, Ryan Dombal? Note the very Williamsburg marginalia on the upper right there: “11:30 AM, why don’t you both get JOBS?” To which someone else who is almost certainly this note’s author replies: “Not every job is 9-5.” Brooklyn, home of the nontraditional lifestyle! Katy Perry, bard of the same.

You’d think it would’ve worked out better. [Oats and Iron, via Gawker]