Between Meatball Madness and Pizza Love, Donatella Arpaia’s Having a Good Week


Donatella Arpaia promised us several months ago that she was going to be in the kitchen “a lot more,” and it looks like her time there has paid off.

Arpaia’s been feeling the love from both the crowds at Meatball Madness and the guys over at Slice. Last night, she took first prize at the New York Wine & Food Festival event, beating out the likes of Locanda Verde, the Meatball Shop, and Motorino with her fleshy orbs, which are the same ones she sells from a cart outside of Mia Dona.

While Eater observed Arpaia shamelessly lobbying the crowd for votes, she apparently lets the pizza she serves at Donatella speak for itself. Nick Solares and Adam Kuban have written it a Slice love letter, declaring it “Neapolitan pizza that may please the purist and everyone else.” The dough, Solares declares, is “supple, creamy, and soft,” the mushroom-strewn Capellacio pie “absolutely extraordinary,” and the pizzas on the whole “my favorite pizza in NYC.” Sha-zam!

That’s all well and good, but when will someone write a paean to Donatella’s pizza oven, which looks like the love child of C-3PO and a disco ball and makes us want to dance, dance, dance?


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