Fat Pants Friday: People’s Pops’ Pumpkin Spice Pop


Nowhere in the dessert world are autumn’s fleeting pleasures better articulated than in People’s Pops’ pumpkin spice pop. Just as fall promises to mutate into winter with depressing speed, the popsicle ice pop is marked for imminent extinction.

Bad news first: When People’s Pops closes its Chelsea Market counter on October 15, the pumpkin spice pop will go with it — it’s not available at the Pops stands at the Brooklyn Flea or New Amsterdam Market, both of which will close for the season at the end of the month.

And now, the good news: You have another week to get your hands on this thing, and you should. Why? Because it tastes exactly like pumpkin pie and fresh cream, and thus allows you to pretend it’s Thanksgiving, without the tryptophan and familial dysfunction. Based upon what we tasted, the only ingredients in the $3.50 pop are pumpkin, cream, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves, which results in an unexpectedly warming frozen treat, one that you could almost complement with a cup of hot cider. It is, in other words, something to give thanks for.

Given its self-limited serving size and that its prime ingredient is produce, the pumpkin spice pop occupies the Skinny Jeans end of the Fat Pants spectrum. Unless, like us, you’re tempted to scarf as many as you can before they disappear for the season and actual pumpkin pie arrives to fill the void.

People’s Pops
Chelsea Market Arcade
425 West 15th Street


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