Happy Birthday, John Lennon: Here’s Your Google Doodle and an FBI Investigation


Tomorrow would have been John Lennon’s 70th birthday. Back in 1971, he gave his famous interview with Rolling Stone, saying the following:

“I was different, I was always different… A couple of teachers would notice me, encourage me to be something or other, to draw or to paint — express myself… And then the fuckin’ fans tried to beat me into being a fuckin’ Beatle or an Engelbert Humperdinck, and the critics tried to beat me into being Paul McCartney.”

And now they’ve made him into a “Google Doodle.” Joining the likes of Vivaldi, Sartre, and Jackson Pollack, Lennon’s image was today’s Google emblem design. Which, according to the Daily Mail, is “the ultimate tribute.” Okay, so the Awl is right… it’s cool, but not that cool.

But perhaps it would have made Lennon happier, at least, than this:

Fresh off the auction circuit, fingerprints taken from John Lennon on a 1976 residency application were seized this week by the FBI, who claimed them as “governmental property.” Peter Siegl, owner of the music auction site, was shocked the FBI would maintain interest in the fingerprinted documents, but more so in their continuous interest in John Lennon:

“Here he is, one of our greatest musicians ever, and they just don’t stop investigating this guy.”

Sorry, Lennon, maybe next year we’ll bring better presents to your party.

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