I Spit On Your Grave Lives Tonight


The original I Spit On Your Grave is the 1978 exploitation “rape and revenge” classic which critics deemed too graphic, gratuitous, gross, and pointless.

I’m sure I’d love it.

Lord knows I really cottoned to the new remake, which sticks to the story of a lady writer who’s raped and brutalized in her backwoods cabin and is left for dead, though she rises to kick all kinds of glorious butt in the grossest way possible.

It’s not only wonderfully feminist, it’s the ultimate revenge of the writer as put upon by various pinheads and cretins.

And for once a remake gets it right, keeping the gritty tone, the pervading horror, and just the right amount of excess that apparently made the first Spit an enduring piece of work.

This version is stomach churning but in all the right ways and you end up thinking, “Yay! A good bad movie has been redone with some really good-badness.”

Yes, I know this, improbably enough, is my second rape-and-revenge item in a row. The third time will be the charm.

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