Jay-Z Is The Miami Police Department’s Poster Boy For Gang Activity


So yesterday, our friends at Miami New Times made an amusing discovery: Seems the cops down there unveiled a new “Report Gang Activity” banner on their official website, featuring a drawing of a totally hypothetical and not even remotely menacing five-person gang with, uh, a few faces you might recognize.

Or, as New Times puts it, “By our estimation, forty percent of the gang’s population is Jay-Z.” Observe:

Yes, that’s right, the two fellows on the left bear a striking similarity to this guy. Offensive? Complimentary? It’s debatable, but in any event, the MPD has since been quietly shamed into pulling the banner and replacing it with something slightly less evocative:

As a compromise, perhaps they should settle on a rendering of Kingdom Come-era Jay-Z, because you should definitely report any sightings of that guy to the cops immediately.

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