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It’s late Friday afternoon, and time for a backward glance to the week in posts …

We ranked Our 10 Best Vegetarian Restaurants.

An early look Mehtaphor, Jehangir Mehta’s latest enterprise.

Why do we eat with a fork, knife, and spoon?

A look at Graffit’s graffiti, created by Chilean artist Dasic Fernandez.

Graffit’s chef and owner, Jesús Nuñez, talked about Spanish wines and cheeses, his favorite restaurants, and tripe.

Here’s what happens when you eat the barbecued hog head at Fatty ‘Cue.

Fast Food Death Match: Burger King Breakfast Bowl vs. McDonald’s Angus Deluxe Snack Wrap.

Park Slope’s Taro Sushi is bigger, slicker, and just as good as the original.

Make Nikki Cascone’s blintzes with seasonal fruit topping.

The Mitropa at the newly opened Orient Express is so civilized it’ll make you want to light up a cigarette at the end of a long ivory cigarette holder.

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