The Hold Steady Are Playing At the Apple Store In A Few Hours


Local bar-rock heroes and Minnesota Twins fans (sorry about that) the Hold Steady have been playing great shows in New York for so long, and with such regularity, that you occasionally start to take them for granted. Until, that is, one of your coworkers reminds you of their still robust power, even in venues as unlikely as the Beacon Theater. (Really like this Craig Finn in Concert idea.) Speaking of unlikely venues, they’re playing the Apple Store tonight, in a couple hours, at 6 p.m. Deerhunter worked out pretty well there last week; we have no idea why this one wouldn’t. Remind yourself that it would be a good idea to go to this show by watching last night’s “Hornets! Hornets!” encore:

If they were crowd-surfing last night in the gilded Beacon Theater, why not tonight too, under the fluorescent lights? If there’s not a Craig Finn lyric about that kind of behavior somewhere already, there surely will be one soon. [Apple Store Soho]

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