The Latest From the Dept. of Questionable Food Blogging Ethics


The dubious ethics displayed by food and beverage bloggers is a gift that just keeps on giving. The latest parcel comes wrapped with a pretty bow from the Twin Cities, where one John Glas, a freelance wine blogger for City Pages, decided to ask the 10 finalists for a five-best-wine-bars list to provide him with free food and drink so that he could more accurately evaluate their merits.

Per the Star Tribune, some of the memo’s recipients didn’t appreciate the request, and passed it on to the media. City Pages‘ managing editor subsequently shut down the “judging” process, though not before Glas (rhymes with “class”) had procured meals from some of the finalists. Procrastinatory types should venture to the Star Tribune page to take a look at Glas’ memo, in which he advises the restaurateurs he wants “the experience to be as authentic as possible.”

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