New York Post Looking For Minnesota Freelancer to Ring Brett Favre’s Doorbell


A blog on the MinnPost website has a hilarious update in the ongoing saga of Brett Favre’s dick, released to the internet on Thursday by sports blog Deadspin. It turns out the New York Post is on the hunt for a Minnesota freelancer willing to camp outside of Favre’s house and maybe even ring his doorbell. With the Yankees possibly set to sweep the Twins tonight, and because Favre’s pictures were originally sent to a New York Jets reporter during his one season here, there is quite an intimate sports/media relationship blooming between the big city and the Midwest. Detailed emails inside!

MinnPost reporter David Brauer says he’s leaking the New York Post emails because “they’ve relentlessly messed with the Twins.” Here’s the dirt, from the beginning:

My inbox, 8:52 a.m.:

I’m a reporter for the New York Post. We need a freelancer to go out to a house in Eden Prairie and interview someone today, Saturday, for a Sunday story. The pay is around $200. Please call me ASAP at 347-XXX-XXXX if you’re interested.

Sarah Ryley

And then a follow-up:

10:22: a.m.:

I’m the reporter for the Post. We already found someone for the assignment. Please no calls. thanks!

Twenty minutes later the reporter backed out and Brauer reports that as of 6 p.m. (likely central time) the Post was still on the hunt.

The Post, by the way, emailed every single MinnPost reporter, which indicates true desperation.

Which Minnesota newsie will descend into the pit of slime? Will it cost more than $200? We might not be the “EZ-PASSes” the Twins are!

More details here and if you know anything about this, let us know.


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