Sexy Russian Spy Anna Chapman Keeps Popping Up


Leave it to the city’s finest tabloid, the New York Post, to report back every time Anna Chapman, the sexy Russian spy swapped back to the motherland in July, leaves the house. As it turns out, she’s something of a big deal in her home country, schmoozing with cosmonauts and bank bosses.

To hear the Post tell it, she’s the starring femme fatale in her own thriller of a life. Basically her life is a movie: “She came in from the cold in a hot red jacket and tight jeans,” writes the Post.

Chapman, who has been seen little since being booted out of the US along with nine other Russian spies, said only “I have just arrived” before she was whisked away by a burly guard at the Baikonaur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, better known as the land of Borat.

It’s all very dramatic, see. (Except for the Borat part.) But Chapman’s appearances go deeper than celebrity, thickening the plot:

An official of Russia’s space agency disclosed that she was invited because she’s an adviser to Alexander Volovnik, president of a large Moscow-based bank, which has interests in aerospace.

Russian media reported that she is a consultant to Volovnik’s Fund Service Bank on high-tech matters.

Last month she told Germany’s Der Spiegel, “My Web site will be up and running soon. The contact information for my p.r. people will be listed there,” but as the Post notes, “so far, no sight of the site.” That’s because it’s better to lay low before she returns to American to finish what she started. How do you say sequel in Russian?

Anna Chapman surfaces at cosmonaut ‘launch party’ [NYP]

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