Anonymous Woman Says Brett Favre Hit on Her, Too


We are witnessing the attempted Tiger Woods-ification of Brett Favre. After pictures of the Minnesota Vikings quarterback’s penis were leaked onto the internet by Deadspin, New York tabloids started drooling. (Favre was a New York Jet when the pictures were allegedly sent.) The New York Post went so far as to solicit reporters to stalk the disgraced football veteran’s home in Minnesota, though today’s paper indicates they’ve been unsuccessful so far. But now, the Post is reporting that Brett Favre has hit on other women in his life.

Whether it’s a real story or not, the Post is at least handling it in typically entertaining Post fashion. But it’s like cotton candy:

Former Jets quarterback Brett Favre has a lot of plays in his book, but apparently one route is his favorite.

Okay, okay. Juicy? A little, but it’s anonymous. Mostly it’s just an excuse for the paper to print scantily clad photos of Jenn Sterger, the woman who received Favre’s voicemails and dirty photo sexts. As for the new girl:

The married massage therapist, who does not want to be identified by name, was working part-time for the Jets during training camp in 2008 when she caught Favre’s eye.

“He was looking at me like I was a hanging slab of meat,” the woman told The Post.

The masseuse then received “e-mails and texts from Favre saying, ‘Why don’t you and your friend come over . . . I have all these bad intentions. ” according to her furious husband.” She told her husband, who solicited an apology from Favre via phone.

“I feel like this guy tried to screw my [expletive] family,” the husband told the Post. “He’s a [expletive] scumbag.”

ESPN says the league is looking into the allegations, though they stem from years ago:

The NFL is aggressively investigating allegations that Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre sent inappropriate messages and photos to a former Jets employee, according to a source familiar with the league’s review.

And most importantly — besides the funny fact that ESPN refuses to link to the Deadspin story — is that “Favre has not denied the allegations since the report.”

Favre hit on me, too: masseuse [NYP]

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