Carl Paladino: Homosexuality is Not an ‘Equal, Valid Option’


Amid a flurry of nationwide anti-gay attacks and a sudden, subsequent media awareness, the Republican candidate for governor of New York, Carl Paladino, said on Sunday, “I don’t want [kids] brainwashed into thinking homosexuality is an equal valid…option,” according to local political reporter Azi Paybarah, who is tweeting his experiences on the trail. Paladino made appearances today in Brooklyn, meeting with Jewish leaders, giving a speech and chatting briefly with reporters. The remarks on homosexuality were reportedly said during a speech in Williamsburg.

If there’s any justice in campaign coverage, expect this telling soundbite — full of ignorance and bigotry — to dominate the beginning of the week’s news cycle, especially considering the sudden awareness of the media when it comes to violence against homosexuals. Last week, gang members in the Bronx tortured three males, sodomizing them while using “anti-gay invective.” One of the nine suspects is still at large.

More details as they come, but don’t expect (or allow) this one to go away any time soon.

[h/t @Koblin]

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