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Barack Obama Escapes Projectile Paperback, Nude Man at Very Exciting Philadelphia Rally


We’ll never forget the George Bush shoe-thrower, who allowed us hours of entertainment over finally getting to see our president’s catlike reflexes in real-time. Today we have a new entry in the “throwing things at presidents” file: A paperback book flung at President Obama as he finished up at a Democratic rally in Philly.

Obama’s reflexes are such that not only does he not duck, he actually doesn’t even seem to notice the book — which is just a paperback anyway, and not even on the best-seller list, so probably wouldn’t have done much harm. In fact, the paperback was reportedly written by the man who threw it, who simply wanted Obama to have a copy. The state of publishing these days…

You can see the action here.

Adding to the excitement, a nude man named Juan James Rodriguez (streakers apparently get three names, too) attempted to streak past the POTUS at the very same rally. He was arrested. Allegedly he’d been put up to it by British billionaire Alki David, who offered to pay a million bucks to whichever fool would write across his chest and yell it six times while running past the president. It is TBD whether Rodriguez will get his money, but we say, kudos on the effort, big guy.

Meanwhile, certain websites are attempting to blame the “failure to report” the book-throwing incident as some sort of liberal media conspiracy, but it’s really just that we were all really tired from the weekend and didn’t actually know we had to work on Columbus Day, guys. Chill. It’s not always about you.

[via ABC, Daily Mail]


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