New York

Breaking: Explosives Found at East Village Cemetery


Update: Reporting from the scene, Sergio Hernandez tells us that FDNY just arrived, and that cops are telling people to “keep moving.” 2nd Street is blocked off between 1st and 2nd. DNAInfo reports that a plastic garbage bag containing C4 explosives but no blasting cap was found in the cemetery — admittedly, an odd place for a bomb — that led to the street shutdown and an evacuation of residents. Without the cap the bomb could not have exploded, say police. A press conference will be held at 2:30 p.m. We’ll continue to update.

We’ve heard that NYPD’s Emergency Services Unit is currently at 2nd Street and 2nd Avenue (Marble Cemetery), looking into a reported suspicious package.

They’ve been there about an hour, according to DCPI. We’re heading to the scene and will report back with any information as we get it.

With reporting from Sergio Hernandez

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