Donate To Jazz Promoters Search & Restore And Get A Whole Festival Named After You


NYC’s loosely defined downtown-jazz scene, once feared to be in peril given the shuttering of Tonic and the threat of general recession-based malaise, has actually flourished in the past few years, thanks in part to Search & Restore, an ambitious show-promoting enclave with a hand in recent wildly successful mini-festivals like the Winter Jazzfest and the Undead Jazzfest (the latter confusingly held in June as opposed to, y’know, now). They’re doing challenging shows at various venues around town pretty much weekly these days (see Bobby Previte’s Coalition of the Willing Trio Friday at 45 Bleecker); to aid their expansion, they’ve now launched a Kickstarter page to help fund their ambitious new video project. All they need is, uh, $75,000.

Donate here, early and often, kids. A bit on their objective:

In 2009, we created to be the go-to website for NYC’s jazz scene with nightly listings and creative content, such as the Search And Restore Podcast where we interview and artist then let them play all the music they’re into. We are undertaking a groundbreaking video project to expand the reach of our website, bringing fans to the music and music to the fans.

With your generous donations, we’ll be sending our team out to the clubs and spaces where new jazz happens in New York City, and filming four concerts a week for one year. That’s 208 shows! As we gather and edit footage, our team will begin integrating it into individual artist pages for the hundreds of artists performing in New York, who represent the future of creative jazz music. We’ll begin our filming at the legendary Winter Jazzfest, happening this January in Greenwich Village.

Of course, the fun of these things is the crazy shit you get for donating. And though Princess Superstar is still 2010’s gold standard in this regard, there are indeed some wacky prizes here: a home-cooked meal from S&R founder Adam Schatz, a voice-mail drum improvisation from Bad Plus drummer Dave King (“worth $200,000 at auction”) (???), and, for a mere $10,000, “WE’LL NAME A FESTIVAL AFTER YOU.” Hopefully this doesn’t give Carl Paladino any ideas.

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