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Dude Who Streaked for Obama Wins $1M For Doing So


The next time you’re deciding whether or not it’s worth it to streak at a rally the President of the United States of America is at — thus exponentially increasing the liklihood of you both going to jail and getting your ass kicked by secret service agents — ask yourself: Is this worth it? If you’re not getting a million bucks for it, chances are, it isn’t.

So the story goes of some kid who streaked in front of Obama this weekend. Via Fox New York:

A 24-year-old man was set to become $1 million richer Monday after streaking in front of President Barack Obama during a weekend rally in Philadelphia as part of a stunt arranged by a billionaire shipping tycoon, The Weekly Standard reported. Alki David offered to pay the sum to the first person who ran nude in front of Obama with the word “BATTLECAM” — the name of the billionaire’s website — emblazoned across his chest, the report said.

Juan James Rodriguez will receive the money in cash once David sees the video and confirms that all conditions for the stunt were met, the billionaire told the newspaper.

Woah, what? So this kid could’ve just had himself arrested and gotten his ass beat by the Secret Service — which he basically did — all for nothing? That would be harsh. And terrible. And shouldn’t Alki David, the owner of Battlecam, be under investigation by the Secret Service for distracting Obama’s guard? Either way, just so you don’t have to click on this BATTLECAM nonsense and support ridiculous endeavors like this, here’s what the website looks like:

And according to Wikipedia, Battlecam is:

….the live interactive reality television channel and community of launched in March 2010. The site was founded by eccentric billionaire digital media entrepreneur Alki David. The ground-breaking television offers users an unprecedented entertainment experience with 24/7 real-time interactive access to the lives of anyone inside this exclusive group.

The problem with stupid stunts like this is that no matter how great they are, they still won’t sell a lame, shitty product. You might as well just light a building up.


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