How Carl Paladino Went From Gay-Basher to Gay-Sympathizer in Less Than 24 Hours


Remember that time New York gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino said those ugly things about The Gay Population of the World? WNYC reporter Azi Paybarah first reported yesterday Paladino saying that he didn’t “want [kids] brainwashed into thinking homosexuality is an equal valid…option.” One day later — Happy Coming Out Day! — Paladino is already back-pedaling on his remarks.

He took to the The Today Show and talked to Matt Lauer about his remarks. Via Jim Newell at Gawker:

LAUER: One can only deduce from that comment that you do not think the homosexual lifestyle is equal to the heterosexual lifestyle.

PALADINO: It’s a very, very ugly experience for those that are discriminated against. It’s terrible, and it shouldn’t be.

Also, on the matter of Paladino’s gay nephew:

“I’ve had difficulty with that,” he replied. “My nephew tells me he didn’t have that choice, and I believe it’s a very, very difficult life for a young person. I believe that young people should not necessarily be exposed to that, without a really, really mature background first so they can learn to do with it. It’s a very difficult thing, and I sensitize with it, totally.”

Totally. For the record:

3 p.m., Sunday: Paladino makes his homophobic remark.

9AM, Monday: Paladino back-pedals on homophobic remarks.

8:00 a.m., Monday: Carl Paladino blames anti-gay remarks on opposing candidate Andrew Cuomo to Fox & Friends:

Celeste Katz at the NY Daily News reports:

On Opponent Cuomo Leaking Statement to the Media Where Paladino Claims “there is nothing to be proud of being a dysfunctional homosexual”: “I don’t know who wrote the thing. But somebody did. In the car before I arrived, I scratched out that section. I said, this isn’t me. And I scratched it out and I did not repeat it. I didn’t say it. I certainly don’t feel that way. And then that’s what led this whole issue up. Andrew went and took a clean copy of that [statement] and went and sent it out to the press.”

10:00 a.m., Monday: Paladino goes on Today to clarify his remarks.

2:10 p.m., Monday: The Republican Party of New York State assists Paladino on pulling back, kinda:


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