Magnolia Bakery Lampooned by Unison Fetish Dance


Residents of Bleecker Street ran to their windows on several weekends in September as a line of dancers clad in hot-pink dresses snaked their way up the thoroughfare singing in unison an odd ditty about consumerism.

While goose-stepping, Nazi-style, the dancers name check Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren, Juicy Couture, Coach, and Tommy Hilfiger – stores that have changed what was once a bucolic and historic neighborhood into a frenzied downtown Madison Avenue, attracting hordes of tourists and shoppers in the process. The dance (called “Unison Fetish”) was choreographed by Charles Street resident Sue Hogan, and she saved her greatest loathing for Magnolia Bakery, a business catapulted to national prominence by being featured on Sex in the City. Long lines of Sex tourists and cupcake obsessives form in front of the bakery on a daily basis, clogging sidewalks and bike lanes and often throwing their trash onto the streets, or into overflowing trash containers.

The dancers do a few turns, holding cupcakes aloft, in front of Magnolia, then repair to the park across the street to finish their dance.

God Bless Magnolia
Cupcakes we love
Stand in line here
For a time here
Buy a treat
Carrie Bradshaw would love…


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