Press Clips: “10 Reasons Nick Denton is an Asshole”


Well, since it’s now hailing outside, I’m stuck inside the office until it lets up just enough for me to run from our office to the Astor Place 6 using my emergency Umbrella Mafia-umbrella without getting completely drenched. Might as well do this thing. Press Clips, Day 11, Late “Hailpocolypse” Edition, here we go:

Suck A Listicle: If you think you’re actually going to get 10 reasons Nick Denton is an asshole out of me, you’re wrong. For one thing, I generally don’t think he is! For another, Business Insider already took care of the inevitable slideshow to be culled from Ben McGrath’s New Yorker piece. For another, Joe already did the only necessary list on this last night. So why the headline? My favorite part of the piece:

“How things show up on Twitter, these days, matters more than the full text,” Denton told me. “There’s no room for nuance in headlines anymore.” He offered a couple of suggestions for this account: “Ten Things You Need to Know about Nick Denton,” “Why Nick Denton Is an Asshole.”

Hopefully, we made the grade. If you didn’t already see our reactions roundup — including Denton’s — they’re here.

A Sully’d Legacy is a Great One: The Atlantic‘s Daily Dish blogger and gay, British, pot-smoking conservative-in-residence Andrew Sullivan just had his 10th Blogger Birthday, and he’s going to be on Charlie Rose tonight to celebrate. Could be a good watch, I’m tuning in. Say what you will about Sullivan or his politics, but there are few bloggers who are as prolific as Sullivan who maintain the same regard for quality through and throughout, who work to make political discussion something it should be (an intelligent, nuanced conversation dominated by shades of gray, where the truth is generally found) when he’s not beefing with Sarah Palin — and, come on, there are worse White Whales to pick out there — or obsessing over people’s windows or enjoying the occasional cat video on a “mental health break.” In form, Andrew Sullivan is hard to argue with as a paradigm of what great blogging truly is. The fact that he’s managed to do it for so long, so well, certainly speaks for one truth: burnout is for lesser bloggers, bottom line.

HuffPo Plays Plinko With Gawker Link-o’s: Keach Hagey (a former Press Clips columnist!) notes at Politico that the Huffington Post generally screws Gawker out of their rightful links:

A tour through HuffPo’s archives finds that even when items are attributed to Gawker, no link is given. Huffington Post’s senior vice president of media relations, Mario Ruiz, told POLITICO that the omission was neither accidental nor a matter of explicit policy. “We don’t have an official no-link policy to Gawker but, in general, we tend to avoid sending traffic to sites that regularly and repeatedly spread outlandish nonsense about our site,” he said.

Just as violence should not beget violence, assholery should not beget further assholery, and the obvious subtext here is that the Huffington Post doesn’t want to send traffic to the competition. They should probably just start coming up with better content, which starts with paying people for it, but whatever. This likely surprises nobody, because in their quest for dominance, the Huffington Post — in the context of long-term media ethics narratives — will institutionally never not look worse than Gawker Media. They’re the original content farm! And they’ve been able to get away with it in-kind because their generally liberal leanings combined with their standing as one of the largest digital news outlets out there have provided some kind of mystical cover from the widespread criticism they have long deserved. Hopefully, people will just realize that it’s a generally shit product, and make it go away. Probably not. But — withholding the few exceptions there, and they do exist — anything that makes The Daily Beast look like The Economist should die.

Parker Spitzer is Still Pounding Away: CNN is giving Parker Spitzer time to grow. Who knows or cares whether or not this has to do with the forthcoming wide release of Alex Gibney’s documentary Client 9, but you’ve got to wonder if the show will get any more interesting once it hits theaters. But for the record, Joe Pompeo at Business Insider notes that younger viewers of the show have grown in numbers since its debut, though maybe that’s because they heard watching it was the closest thing to blowing four lines of Adderall on weeknights at 7:58 PM and coming down for the next 60 minutes they could get without actually, you know, blowing Adderall. Unless they change the format, and unless those numbers continue to climb, expect to see it gone before 2011.

Henry Blodget Shits Good Content: Speaking of Business Insider and Parker Spitzer, my god, did anyone see this Gatecrasher item last week?

Henry Blodget and shredded wheat go back a long time. Yesterday, the Business Insider blog honcho waxed eloquent on the “sublime” qualities of the high-fiber cereal after we saw him on the “Parker Spitzer” show talking about his guilty pleasure of “sitting on a couch with a bowl” of the stuff.

For the record, though, that is not an endorsement of shredded wheat futures.

BOOM! The New York Times Gets Hip To The Lingo: David Carr’s filing this week was curious for two reasons.

1. Comparing Howard Kurtz going to The Daily Beast to the moment when Dylan went electric? It’s more like the time I switched from Albuterol to Advair. But really! A bit of a cringer in an otherwise solid piece. Better yet, though:


Working in a room full of candy-colored Macs on the West Side of Manhattan, I typed up a few hundred words and pushed Enter.


Within 10 minutes, news organizations pivoted around my little item and a nice kerfuffle ensued about the objectivity of the press.

I believe it’s pronounced “BOOM!” but we’ll take that one up with Phil Corbett. One can only hope the Times will soon adopt my vernacular of choice to announce exclusives or scoops from this point forward. Not likely, but the occasional “BOOM: Abramson Files Another Puppy Blog” would be nice.

HuffPo Highway to Hell: One more on the Huffington Post. Sharon Waxman and Josh Dickey at The Wrap dug up the numbers on what it’s going to cost the Huffington Post to take a bunch of people to the Jon Stewart rally in DC: around $250,000. Apparently it came to HuffPo staffers as a shock, which is also, at the very least, shocking. Mostly, because the better math problem is how much it’s going to take just to get Arianna there. Somehow, I highly doubt it’ll be found in that $250,000.

The New York Observer Shows Some Slide: Slideshows! Slideshows! Slideshows! Much to the chagrin of Observer staff, expect to see many more of these to come, or so we hear the order within the Observer has been sent out. Joe Pompeo must be having a good laugh right now.

Information OD: There’s a great infographic on just how much information there is produced on the internet over at GOOD. Little known fact: most of it is shit, or can be found on the Huffington Post. I mean, really…

That’s all for tonight. Stay out of the rain, or at the very least, blame everything on it regardless. Goodnight!


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