The Brett Favre Image Rehabilitation Contest: The Dongshops Are Coming!


Last week, on the revelation that former New York Jets quarterback Brett Favre had supposedly texted pictures of his penis to former Jets sideline reporter Jenn Sterger, we decided to have ourselves a contest: take the picture in question, and fill in the blank left once Favre’s penis was removed from the action. The results?

Well, so far, we’re not impressed. The best ones — and the only ones we can show — are, for the moment:

The entry by Cassandra T. Seale (or @cassandrats), who titled her creation, simply, “RandyMossDong“:

Which reader Brian Furber essentially canceled out with his creation, of which he noted that it “looks like Favre needs to mangroom his MossFro”:

And for the record, after Deadspin — who paid to put the photos of (what is purportedly) Favre on their site — posted a picture of a waving seal to clear the minds of their readers, I myself made an attempt at bringing this back around:

The contest, having (clearly) not found any winning entries, remains open until next Thursday. To win, take this PNG:

Download it, and make photoshop magic happen. Then, you may either send your entries in or Tweet them at our Twitter (and our unsuspecting web editor Camille Dodero), ideally, with the hashtag “#DONGSHOP” in it. If you win, a prize of an awesome $95 LEATHER HEAD™ American football — because it’s leathery, like Favre’s penis, but yet exponentially more family-friendly to hold — will be expensed and sent to you. But in order to win, it has to be, at least, better than the ones here. It’s now “Fourth and Dong,” so can you make the play?

It’s yours to play with. Or something. SET, HIKE!


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