The New Yorker’s Nick Denton Profile: What Did Everyone Think?


Well, last night, The New Yorker dropped their long-anticipated (at least by us) profile of Gawker Media publisher Nick Denton. We did the quotability run-down, but: how’re the reactions? And what did Denton himself think?

Blogger and onetime Gawker Night Editor Anthony De Rosa:

Former “Gawker Mascot” Andrew Krucoff:

Former Jezebel writer Megan Carpentier:

The Awl Co-Founder and Former Two-Time Editor Choire Sicha:

As with all previous Denton profiles–and it’s not a fault of these profiles or the writers, I don’t think!–you will come searching for a “why” and you may again come away frustrated on a quick read. And yet still, when this one is given a sort of slow, math-problem like reading, you feel as if there’s an answer just forming in your peripheral vision. You can sort of see this shiny correct solution hovering there for a second.

Current writer Max Read:

Gawker politics contributor (and former Dukakis staffer) Peter Feld:

Founding editor Elizabeth Spiers:

It’s not bad, but it’s kind of weird. It spends a lot of time talking about how scandalous (or non-scandalous) Gawker is and ends up feeling like a CJR piece wrapped in anecdotes about Nick’s various Asperger’s-y moments. A) I don’t think anyone really finds Gawker scandalous anymore, and B) it’s not an interesting discussion, especially when it’s not the only outlet that traffics in scandal at this point. It’s a discussion that would have been had (and was) in 2004 or so.

Denton-friend and Reuters blogger Felix Salmon:

Nick Denton:

And via Fimoculous


And there you have it.


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