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Victorious Lupe Fiasco Fans Will Still March on Atlantic Records This Friday | Village Voice


Victorious Lupe Fiasco Fans Will Still March on Atlantic Records This Friday


Last week’s most unlikely good news? That a grassroots, online, surprisingly young movement of Lupe Fiasco fans seemed to have actually convinced Atlantic Records, the label sitting on Lupe’s new album for going on two years now, to finally up and give Lasers a release date. They did it just in time, too, announcing the news just a week before Fiasco Friday, the massive, real world protest set for October 15th. Too bad for Atlantic it’s happening anyway. Protest co-organizer Matthew La Corte tells us things will be proceeding as planned. “We are still going,” says La Corte. “We are marching as a celebration of the release and everyone’s hard work, we are still protesting the injustice of Atlantic and music corporations, and we are also using this as a tool of promotion for Lupe’s album.” He adds: “Lupe will also still be coming.” Really? We asked La Corte for more info:

How do you know Lupe is still coming?

At his show over the weekend he announced that he will still be in attendance. There are videos up as well of him performing a new song so you could check those out!

What will the signs say now that Atlantic is in fact releasing the record?

We still can use a lot of the similar signs we had, some may need small changes but we have time. But we also will now be making signs that say the release date and “Victory.” We have a lot of creative people so I’m not worried about a lack of variety when it comes to our signs.

Do you believe Atlantic really is going to release the record?

I believe Atlantic will release this record, they understand the power of the Fiasco fan base. This doesn’t look positive for them, and the amount of press our movement has given Lupe holds major importance as well. Not only did this press push the event, but pushed the name Lupe Fiasco onto the front pages of blogs and websites. Schools over the nation, and regular music fans, have been buzzing about this album and this event. If anything, this is the most positive promotion Lupe Fiasco has received, and it came entirely from his fan base.

Do you feel like the Fiasco Friday movement and maybe even yourself are partially responsible for finally getting Lupe a release date?

The responsibility for this success rests collectively on the shoulders of thousands: from Lupe himself not giving up, to college students telling friends about Fiasco Friday, to random strangers coming together to show off the power of the internet, to the people behind websites and blogs, to the people who signed the petition, to the members of the Facebook groups, to every last supporter of Lupe Fiasco, Lasers, intelligent music, and the push for a positive society. We consider this a massive success, and Fiasco Friday will be a half celebration because of that. But at the same time, we must not forget the injustice of Atlantic and that’s why we will still be protesting. We hope this event sets the stage for future fan uprisings when situations like this take place.

He adds: “Hopefully, in the future this much work won’t have to be put in to see a release date for an album.” Meanwhile, Nas weeps.

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