A Look at the McRib Cult; Lets Waiters Know Their Rights


Corn futures surged on Monday, and with sharp gains in soybeans, sugar, and coffee, worries over the rising cost of food have been sparked.
[NY Times]

Los Angeles food trucks are about to be subject to the same health department rules as brick-and-mortar restaurants, including letter grades.
[NY Times]

As the McRib prepares to go national, a look at the cultish fan base whose members travel far and wide for a taste of the elusive sandwich.
[Wall Street Journal]

Meanwhile, McDonald’s in Hong Kong has announced it will host weddings banquets at three of its locations starting next year, complete with apple pie wedding cake.

A New York labor lawyer has launched, a new site that outlines the rights of waiters and unethical employer practices.
[NY Observer]

A jihadist magazine called Inspire was discovered to contain tips for suicide bombing restaurants in top target cities like Washington, D.C.
[CBS News]

Neighbors of Urbani Truffles, a store on the west side that peddles the coveted fungi, are up in arms over the smell that has seeped into their apartments.
[CBS News]


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