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Baby Crocodile Shows Up in Bushwick | Village Voice


Baby Crocodile Shows Up in Bushwick


Police were in Bushwick last night dealing with trees downed from last month’s tornado (not to mention the more recent crazy hail) when they made the unexpected discovery of a 28-inch baby crocodile chilling in a resident’s backyard on Jefferson Street. One local resident thought the cops had found a dead body in the branches. But, no, it was a just a croc! Which is either a sign of gentrification…or impending doom. Or a neighborhood of people who love reptiles.

Crocodiles, for the zoologically inclined, live in tropical climates (even though as many as three have been sighted in New York in the last year), so this one either has a New York fetish or was otherwise led astray, probably by the wrong crowd.

The croc is now at an animal shelter and will be set free in a “special habitat area,” a/k/a, not Brooklyn.

[via ABC7]

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