Dreaded Band Salem Will Actually Be In Town Next Week


Fresh off a brush with the microgenre that dare not speak its awful name (now officially stricken from the Pitchfork and Creep websites, banished from whatever dark virtual place it came), incredibly polarizing, journo-fight-inspiring Michigan three-piece Salem will actually be in New York next week, doing whatever it is they do live. One show, at Chinatown’s Ramiken Crucible, is with fellow alleged-African-American-music-appropriator and SOTC pal How To Dress Well; the flyer is, confusingly, written strictly in Roman numerals:

That translates into Wednesday, October 20th, at 10 p.m.–during CMJ, though it is not an official showcase. The band’s other show is an official CMJ show, at Santos Party House the night before:

Come and demand that they make sure to enunciate while rapping all those dastardly, unintelligibly evil lyrics.

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