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Gap’s Mistaken Redesign, Plus 9 Other Logos No One Needed to Mess With


In the wake of the Gap logo brouhaha, a/k/a, the making of an already ugly logo into an uglier one “circa 2010,” allow us to present you with nine more of the most unfortunate logo redesigns we’ve lived through. There should be a T-shirt attesting to this, except there’s no way in hell we’d wear it. Let this be a lesson to you designers — don’t mess with what’s working, no matter how much you want to get your itchy little creative fingers dirty.

9. Firefox

Here’s an example of a logo redesign that wasn’t really worth the thousands paid to the creative team. Fine, the “fox” gets a little redder, with a more prominent nose (but still no eyes) and a layered, subtly highlighted tail. Meanwhile, the planet fades beyond him and what we assume is this poor animal’s only paw turns into a wavering tentacle pointed toward the ocean, where it would clearly like to return.

8. SciFi to SyFy

This redesign takes SciFi from something we understand, whether we like it or not, to a female incontinence drug, or maybe the name of a C-list celebrity’s third child. Imagine what greater? By now, thousands of science fiction nerds have hopefully acclimated…or are perhaps lying in wait for the right moment to reclaim the universe. David Duchovny, why don’t you love me?

7. Burger King

In one corner, we have an iconically designed, classic, everyday-Joe burger. On the other, we have a cracked-out, muscle-bulging, ready to punch somebody through the drive-thru window steroid sandwich raging between two thin slices of shiny bread. Or, the burger is splitting his pants, despite his cinching blue belt. Well, at least they had their target consumer top of mind.

6. Tropicana

C’mon, guys. We all love the orange with the straw sticking out of it. It appeals to our retro-chic aesthetic, and reminds us of that thing Dad bought us at Disney World. Plus, putting the orange juice in a glass on the container just reminds us that we’re actually going to have to lift and pour and then wash out a glass and oh, we’re too tired to even buy orange juice, let’s go for a Vitamin Water instead. Consumers freaked, Tropicana went back to the old packaging. Moving on.

5. Apple

Is it wrong that we miss 1997’s full-colors-of-the-rainbow (we’d like to even think, gay-friendly) happy apple, compared with today’s ultra-modern sad-sack barely-there so minimalistic as to be but a stem approach? Give that apple a sandwich and little vacay somewhere sunny, and maybe we’ll even shell out for a new laptop.

4. Nickelodeon

Sorry. That green slime effect kinda rocked in a stick-it-to-the-mom kind of way, even if it was in orange. This is good kid font, sure, easy to read, and there’s nothing offensive about it — we even like the slightly darkened orange — but there’s nothing particularly special about it, either. It’s nothing you can’t do on television.

3. Animal Planet

In a word, drunk. Not that we mind being drunk, but it’s not when we think about, or do, while watching Animal Planet. Or ANIMAL DYSLEXIC PLANET, as the case may be.

2. Blackwater

Evil defense contracter Blackwater once concealed their identity in a cheerily vicious and willfully manipulative bear claw disguise evocative of your garden variety sports team, albeit with some pretty sharp nails.

But with their “rebranding” (or “witness protection program” transformation following their “work in the occupation of Iraq,” now they just look…evil. Like, SyFy evil. And they don’t even have a name you can say. (Zee? X.E.? The evil defense contracting firm formerly known as Blackwater?) Talk to Prince about this, guys…he paved the roadways here.

1. Pepsi

In two words: Really drunk. Wait a minute, maybe we like this one, or maybe that’s the beer googles talking. Does it come with a whiskey chaser?

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