Jeff Orlick of the 5-Boro Pizza Tour Launches Real Pizza of New York App


Jeff Orlick, best known for his 5-Boro Pizza Tour, has introduced the latest app every New York pizza lover needs: the Real Pizza of New York iPhone app.

According to Slice, it looks like all that pizza touring was likely part of his research for the app, which is available on the iTunes App store for $0.99. It lets you search for pies among listings of about 100 joints by borough, genre (coal, new wave, old school), Godfathers of Pizza (the city’s top pizzaiolos), and Pilgrimages (the city’s pizza institutions). And, yes, there is overlap between the last two.

Food apps are a dime a dozen these days – or free – and there are dozens of pizza apps already out there, but it’s nice to know there’s an app for when you’re stranded in some foreign borough and in need of a slice by a guy who knows from New York pies.


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