Just in Time for Halloween, Artist Helen Altman Makes Skulls From Spices


Fort Worth artist Helen Altman has combined spices and pulses (beans) with the spirit of Halloween to sculpt a series of nifty skulls, and can you imagine how much attention you’d get (from the birds, at least), swinging one of these in the West Village Halloween parade?

The one made from mung beans looks sad and forlorn, while the one made from star anise (left, click on image to enlarge) is just plain creepy – in a Pirates of the Caribbean sort of way. The plain poppy skull looks like it was made from lava, and excavated by archaeologists somewhere in the South Seas. Thanks to Gretchen and for the link; more can be found at Altman’s website. Three more skulls follow…

Cumin-seed skull

Millet-seed skull

Poppy seed skull


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