Lady Gaga Banned on the Lower East Side


Of all our native sons and daughters, Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta is–rightly or wrongly–among the most unloved. Born in New York, a veteran of not just the Upper East Side’s Convent of the Sacred Heart but also NYU and countless open mic nights at dives like the Cutting Room, the 24-year-old tattooed lady we now know as Lady Gaga once wrote in her yearbook that her life’s ambition was to play Madison Square Garden. She’s done that now. But none of her accomplishments have meant much downtown, where the Parkside Lounge recently took the bold step of banning her music entirely from their jukebox:

Hopefully, they have that needle-getting-hastily-pulled-off-a-record screech recorded and ready to play for maximum humiliation, should a patron stray. Parkside Lounge, of course, has its bona fides otherwise in order: it was in this veteran dive that Chavez chose to reunite a couple weeks back. Ah well. There’s always the Box, little monsters!

Parkside Lounge Says No to Lady Gaga on Jukebox [Bowery Boogie]

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