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Long Island Man Survives Lighting Strike by Not Wearing Wedding Ring


There’s lucky, and then there’s not so lucky. While unloading his family’s minivan after a trip to Great Adventure yesterday, Long Islander Phil Colacioppo ended up the victim of a lighting strike from last night’s crazy storm. Which is pretty damn unlucky — your chance of being struck by lightning is something like one in three quarters of a million each year.

Nonetheless, Colacioppo received a direct hit, which is not only painful and unlucky, it’s also terrifying. “I really thought I was gonna die,” he said.

Luckily, he did not. Colacioppo was instead thrown face first on the ground and ended up with a “fern like mark on his shoulder,” (looks kinda like a snowflake to us) but after being treated at Stony Brook Hospital, he’s pretty much fine. Doctors chalk it up to him having removed his wedding ring and watch, and leaving his wallet behind as well.

This, we think, is a lesson to married men everywhere. Take off your rings before you unload your car in a thunderstorm. Leave them on at all other times, lest something else strike you. On second thought, leave them on at all times and don’t unload your car in a thunderstorm.

[via NBC NY]

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