Mario Batali Hit With Yet Another Lawsuit


Del Posto may have been spurned by the Michelin Guide, but the slight was nothing compared to the debt that 27 of the restaurant’s current and former workers say they’re owed in wages and tips.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the suit against the Batali-Bastianich Hospitality Group alleges that employees were stiffed on service charges and tips accrued during banquets held at Del Posto, and that the restaurant’s management removed eight to nine percent of its nightly wine sales from the tip pool.

This follows a class-action labor violation lawsuit filed on behalf of two Babbo employees in July; that suit has now grown to include some 20 plaintiffs from at least six restaurants. A similar lawsuit has been filed in California. Perhaps that $500,000 Batali and Bastianich spent to tart up Del Posto for the Michelin Man would have been better spent on legal fees.

[Via Grub Street]


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