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McDonald’s Hong Kong Will Offer Weddings, Further Evidence of Apocalypse | Village Voice


McDonald’s Hong Kong Will Offer Weddings, Further Evidence of Apocalypse


If drive-through chapels in Vegas and this guy are too classy for you, then consider buying a plane ticket to Hong Kong. Starting Jan. 1, the city will be the world’s very first to offer McDonald’s wedding packages to the amorous and nutritionally uninhibited.

CNN Go reports that McDonald’s Hong Kong got the idea for the nuptial offering after a couple who had met and dated at a McDonald’s decided to hold their wedding party at one; apparently, the company gets ten calls a month from other couples wishing to do the same.

So in exchange for a few thousand Hong Kong dollars (a bargain, given that 1HKD equals approximately .13 USD) and an unquantifiable loss of dignity, what will a wedding at McDonald’s get you? A baked apple pie wedding cake, party favors for your guests, a dress made out of balloons, and, naturally, catering courtesy of the Golden Arches. Your money will not, however, get you alcohol, or even use of the entire restaurant, which will remain open for business as usual, thus preventing your special day from impeding somebody else’s entirely average day.

This raises many questions, but the one pressing most heavily on our mind is, how did the U.S. not come up with this before Hong Kong did? After all, this couple held a wedding at a McDonald’s drive-thru a full 11 years ago. And last year, another in Normal, IL, decided to unite in holy matrimony at a Taco Bell. Which, come to think of it, is possibly the only thing on this planet that could make getting married at McDonald’s seem romantic by comparison.


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