Morning Links: Chilean Miners Out Soon; Strikes in France; Signs that Dick Cheney Is Human


• The rescue of the Chilean miners is imminent, and may even happen today. Fingers crossed! [CNN]

• Strikes over the pension system in France are mucking up air and rail travel. Energy workers, teachers, and civil servants are also striking across the country. [NYT]

• Dick Cheney is not a cyborg after all. He appeared at an event in Bakersfield, California — possibly his first public appearance since heart surgery in July — on Saturday, looking thin and frail, to defend “tough interrogation techniques.” [NYDN]

• There’s more to the creepy and awful story of the guy who stabbed an 8-year-old boy playing arcade games at a Dave & Buster’s in Long Island over the weekend. He apparently had “spent weeks” stalking possible victims, with the intent to kill a child. (His victim, fortunately, is expected to survive.) [NYP]

• A Rutgers chemistry professor says that the stats being used to justify New Jersey’s first bear hunt in five years have been manipulated by the DEP — and that the complaints are not skyrocketing at all. [NBC NY]

• The guy who streaked in front of President Obama over the weekend was from Staten Island. And the billionaire who put him up to it is now quibbling on whether he’ll give him his $1 million, because Obama maybe didn’t even notice him. Aw. [NYDN]

• “Mall-terations,” or public-art median murals at the intersection of Allen and Stanton, will finally be unveiled today. [Bowery Boogie]

• Bowery style really has evolved over the years. [Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York]

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